ColorfIls® bra pads and straps

Colorfils® are designed to compliment your personal fashion style. Changewear gives you the products to create and customize a look all your own. Colorfils® are great for travel, using minimal space for easy styling and care. 

 Each set comes with dual color bra pads, two sets of convertible bra straps and a washable organza storage bag creating more space in your lingerie drawer for basics you want to wear, change and style just for you! Changewear loves to create comfortable and flexible apparel meeting you where you are.  

Shock & Awe- A powerful and vibrant pink that compliments all skin tones due to the warm/cool shade of pink. The bright pink straps add a pop of color.

Dream White- A great complimentary color for white T-shirts, tanks and dresses. Mix and match to create looks with a pink and white strap or white bra pads with Shock & Awe bra straps.