Fit Guide

How to Find Your Bra Size

Measure Steps

1: UNDERBUST defines band size.
2: BUST defines cup size.
Subtract UNDERBUST measure from BUST measure, this will define the cup size.
For example a measure of UNDERBUST being 33" and the BUST being a 38" when subtracted is a difference of 5" With a 33" measure it is advised to try a 34" band. 34" subtracted from 38" is 4". Your size would be a 34D.
*Note: If you measure the underbust at an odd number such as 31, 33, 35, Add on an inch, or subtract an inch, depending on fit preference and amount of excess back skin.
Bust - Underbust Difference Cup Size Assignment
1" A
2" B
3" C
5" D
5" DD or E
6" DDD or F

How to Wear Colorfils

  1. Begin with a pad free bra

    Begin with a pad free bra

  2. Insert Colorfil Pad

    Find pocket on inside of the bra. Insert Colorfil Pad. There are various colors!

  3. a new look

    End result is a new look to a standard bra!

How to Wear Straps

  • Standard

  • Halter


  • Cross-Back


Find Your Colorfils Size

Colorfil Size Corresponding Bra Size
SMALL 32C 34B 36A
MEDIUM 32D 34C 36B
LARGE 32DD 34D 36C 38B
X-LARGE 34DD 36D 38C
2XL 36DD 38D
3XL 38DD 40D

To find the Colorfils size simply look up your bra size and find corresponding size on the chart.

For example a 32DD and a 36C will both purchase a size LG. The sizes use sister sizing commonly found in bra cup design.

How to Find Your Panty Size

Measure Steps

Measure 1: Waist or low waist

Size Waist measure Hip measure @ Stretch
X-SMALL 24-26" 35-37"
MEDIUM 28-30" 39-41"
LARGE 30-32" 41-43"
X-LARGE 32-34" 43-45"

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