Brand Story


Michelle Judson CEO of Changewear® has dreamed up products and solutions her whole life. Her early life taught her to work hard, show up, never give up and that smiles are contagious.

During the research and development stages, Michelle and her team focused on function, comfort and support to create a new innovative color-changing lingerie brand. The result is Michelle’s patented design gives women customization and the ability to change their style and mood through interchangeable padded inserts and straps of various colors through the  Colorfils® accessories.

This makes Changewear® the first-ever color changing intimate apparel.

With the market demanding change in personal apparel, adaptability and something unique, Changewear® introduced their first products in 2017 to offer women fashion forward styling with comfortable change.The Changewear bra also addresses the needs of women wearing prosthetics.

Changewear brings a fresh focus to innerwear that complements both the style and desires of today’s women by keeping our mission at the fore front of everything we do. Our Mission: Create innovative fashion-forward lingerie for women all around the world. We believe in exceeding our consumers expectations by providing quality, supportive and trend setting lingerie with excellent customer service, and we achieve this through strong, quality partnerships for success in meeting and exceeding our shared vision and mission.

I love dressing, combining fabrics and choosing my personal style. Having the desire for creative control is exactly why I invented Changewear® to create a brand of intimate apparel that changes colors providing me with multiple fashions in one style.

With a focus on quality, Changewear sources unique materials and uses superior manufacturing to create a new generation of foundations that change with you.

It is my wish that you find your own unique style with Changewear® and own it!


Patent # 6,174,214 ©2017 Changewear, LLC.