Panties and Bras: Defying Norms and Choosing for You

"Panties and Bras: Defying Norms and Choosing for You" written by Molly Tomlin.

Panties and Bras: Defying Norms and Choosing for You

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Talking About Chest and Drawers

"Talking About Chest and Drawers" written by Michelle Judson.

I am guessing if I was invited to your home and could peek inside your lingerie drawer we would both be able to see the money hidden there.

Cold hard cash in reds, purples, delicate pinks, and lacy bras with straps tangled together. Strapless numbers, softly polished pieces well worn and loved. Pushy-push up bras and workhorse bras meshed together. Your basics up towards the front, “you know the ones”. Black, White and Nude bras in micro-fiber fabric. Your "everyday bras". The remainder of your drawer would be where you stash your money, memories and sexy moments. We are not kidding ourselves, we love these pieces. They tell stories and simultaneously make us feel bad. We are leaving money in our drawer and yet we cannot incorporate these bras into our everyday. We want to, but they were bought out of passion and pleasure and not practicality.

We have surveyed hundreds of women and on the average they own 8-12 bras, but only wear 3-4 on a regular basis.

The "everyday bras". What if there was a way to incorporate your fun, seasonal and sexy bras into your everyday bras?

Adaptable Intimate Apparel.

We are able to personalize our lives in hundreds of different ways. We use smart phones that adapt to our needs and patterns. Our snacks and beverage choices are customized and determined by what goes in or comes out based on our tastes. Our ability to customize our dress shoes and athletic footwear are one part personalization and two parts technology and fashion.

Where is this adaptability in intimate apparel? Items we wear everyday, launder, purchase through out the year, wear-out and replace. Apparel that is our first defense to the world, our first choices upon rising and the last pieces removed from our bodies. Our most intimate clothing worn on our bodies. Our basics. 

We have spent time learning about you. Your comfort, Your choices, and Desires.

Introducing the Changewear Collection.

The Revolutionary 24-in-1 Convertible Bra. Comfortable, Wire-Free bra that takes you from your workout, supports you throughout your day and keeps you feeling sexy through the night.

We also learned you desire to personalize your intimate apparel, color your mood and be practical all at once. We have answered with the creation of Changewear. Your new basics re-designed to adapt by changing colors, styles and giving you more.

Your lingerie drawer just got an upgrade!