Why Quality, Integrity & Impact Matter

Quality, Integrity & Impact: Building a Socially Conscious Business

Hello Changewear Family!

As promised, this January we are focusing on sharing our mission for quality, integrity, and impact all while highlighting our founder's recent trip to China and our Changewear partner factory.

This week, Michelle has a message all about integrity and our dedication to creating positive impact in our community:


A Message From Michelle:

With a New Year comes another opportunity to focus on bringing the very best quality and integrity to all we do. As I mentioned last week, I traveled to China last month with my daughter and we had an opportunity to walk the Great Wall and visit other amazing historically significant places.

As we opened our eyes to the past, we learned to appreciate what it means to continue to exist as society moves forward. As a young brand, all of us at Changewear know that we have an opportunity to bring new innovation to intimate apparel, create impact in everything we design, and provide women with more features to complement her personal style. 

I talk about impact often. I am happy to be sharing more about the topic with you, our Changewear family, this month because I believe that companies have an opportunity to create impact for good in their communities...and that they have an obligation to do so.

The world is full of stuff. Our dresser drawers are full of stuff. Often times we own things we never wear or use. We hold onto these things because of the emotional connection we have to the memory. At Changewear, we hope to give you an opportunity to step into your own personal style and change it to suit your needs so that you can release what is unnecessary and start a new chapter of embracing who you are right now.

That is only part of the impact we hope to create within our community...but we think it is a pretty great place to start.

Thank you for your continued love, support, and encouragement. We couldn't make this impact without you.

-Michelle, Founder and CEO


Inspiring Messages

As we were exploring the city, we came across this empowering message which spoke to me. I had to get a photo!

City Lights

We were grateful to experience the beautiful city lights during an evening in Shanghai.

Chinese Cuisine

We enjoyed a wonderful variety of Chinese cuisine and everything was delicious!



Stay tuned for our next update where we will feature more about our founder's trip, our partner factory, and our dedication to being a socially conscious business.

With gratitude,

Michelle & the Changewear Team

Creating Change Wear(Where) You Are


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Happy Spring From Changewear! 🌷

    Changewear Family,

    Happy Spring to each and every one of you! We hope you are celebrating the changing of the seasons with plenty of joy, optimism, and excitement.

    To continue our mission to deliver value to our subscribers, we wanted to put together a few resources and ideas to help you get started on spring cleaning, organization, and simplicity this March.

    We hope your first week of Spring is as lovely as you are...

    Web Resource

    Spring Cleaning 365 is a blog and resource website dedicated to helping you tackle spring cleaning with ease...all year long! It is full of resources and tips to avoid the overwhelm and stay organized.

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    Book Resource

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    Project Inspiration

    Project 333 is a minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. Plus the founding blog, Be More With Less, is a wonderful blog all about simplifying life and finding joy.

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    Simplify Intimates

    Changewear was designed to help you replace the plethora of unworn intimates in your closet. You still have the flexibility to change style and color with your mood, without a closet full of unloved items.

    Consider replacing your collection with a Changewear bra this spring!

    Visit Changewear-->





    Spring is a time to release the bad, embrace the good, and start fresh. It is full of life, light, and love and we hope that you have found a resource or idea to help you embrace the good in your own life. Happy cleaning!

    With spring blooms and simplicity,

    Michelle & the Changewear Team

    Creating Change Wear (Where) You Are


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    Creating Change Wear (Where) You Are: Kristen Carbone

    Crafting Empowerment and Comfort for Survivors


    Changewear is committed to supporting women where they are. We believe that supporting each other, no matter the circumstances or story, creates a movement to empower each other. By celebrating our differences, sharing challenges and acknowledging our wins, we shine light on our tenacity, resilience and strength.

    Changewear is pleased to present a series featuring inspiring women and their amazing accomplishments and impact. By highlighting and sharing each woman’s story and passionate endeavours, we can build each other up, spread the word, create a meaningful network of support and share stories of how women are Creating Change Where They Are.


    Today we are honored to introduce:


    Kristen Carbone

    Founder of Brilliantly

    Kristen Carbone is the fabulous founder of Brilliantly a brand which aims to empower women to embrace their new self post breast cancer and/or mastectomy; to come to terms with their new normal; to say honestly how they feel, and to ask for what they need.  Kristen and her team are working to create a warming insert to help combat the cold sensation often endured with implants. Through warmth, they are hoping hundreds of thousands of women will find resilience and freedom from the distraction and confines of being cold.


    Changewear: Please tell us about why you created Brilliantly.


    Kristen Carbone: The seeds for this business were sown, much like many of the best things in my life, by my dear mother. With her passing, my mom  left behind a ghost of my own mortality and potential struggle with breast cancer, which took me years to face head on. In 2013 I had a preventative mastectomy and reconstruction. Healing was a journey through sometimes crippling loneliness, nagging body image issues, and the entire spectrum of uncomfortable sensations. But the surprising one that I’ve continuously struggled with - that has changed the way I maneuver through the world everyday- is feeling constantly cold. And, after a whole lot of research I’ve learned that I’m not alone!


    There are many women who struggle with this cold sensation that’s created from their implants not having any insulating tissue. With my experience and input from other women facing this issue  as a guide, my amazing product development team is designing a warming insert that will make any bra into a heated bra.


    While doing the research to find out if other women experienced constant and distracting coldness, I discovered that there are so many other products and services women in this community need to support their long-term prosperity and wellness. That realization was the spark for creating Brilliantly, which will unroll and ecosystem of products, services and content for this community.


    Our brand empowers women to embrace their new self; to come to terms with their new normal; to say honestly how they feel, and to ask for what they need. This, in turn, will have a vast emotional impact that extends to our families, friends, and communities. Through warmth, I am hoping hundreds of thousands of women will find resilience and freedom from the distraction and confines of being cold.



    CW: Change is a big part of our brand and we believe in effecting change where you are and that even the smallest change can bring about huge benefits. What are some changes that you made in your life that had great impacts on you or others around you?


    KC: Learning to ask for help may sounds like a small change, but it was a difficult skill for me to cultivate. As a woman who likes to believe she’s got everything under control, admitting that I needed help during recovery was an obstacle. I think that going through a process where I had very little control and needed all kinds of help made me a better communicator, easier to collaborate with, and more patient. I’ve also been able to give myself a break from constantly trying to make things perfect (or, my particular version of perfect.)



    CW: What are some ways that we can help support you? What would you like us to know?


    KC: I love knowing that Changewear and Brilliantly have so many wonderful overlaps in their mission to build each other up through storytelling, products and services. I’d love to stay in touch about ways we can help each other expand our reach.



    CW: What are you most looking forward to in your immediate future?

    KC: Our warming insert is coming to market in September, and I’m simply delighted that we’ll be providing relief to so many women in time for next winter.


    I hope to that Brilliantly will be a tribute to my mom, Lisa, and that I can create a brand, a vision, and a community that embodies her essence - smart, beautiful, authentic, supportive, and, above all, warm.



    CW: Changewear is excited to support you because of the thoughtful and impactful changes your are creating. To allow us to follow you and advocate, please share your social media and contact information.



    Thank you!  You can find us through these platforms: 

    Facebook: facebook.com/brilliantly.co

    Instagram: brilliantly.co (and follow me at kristen_brilliantly)

    Webiste: brilliantly.co





    Kristen, Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed and sharing your greatness with our Changewear community. We wish you the very best as you embark on your passionate journey!



    Michelle XOXO &  the Changewear Team

    Creating Change Wear (Where) You Are™


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    Spring is Almost Here! Re-awaken with Changewear

    March Mission: Spring Cleaning, Organization & Fit


    Dear Changewear Believers,

    Welcome to March! Spring is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited to harness the energy that comes with it in order to do more good in this world.

    This month we hope to bring you inspiring ideas, useful resources, and meaningful stories around the topics of spring cleaning, organization, and finding the right bra fit. 

    Scroll down for a spring-inspired message from our founder, Michelle Judson.



    A Message From Michelle:

    Happy March to you all! As March marks the beginning of the wonderful Spring season, this month we are focusing on new beginnings, spring cleaning, de-cluttering and more.

    With the change of the seasons often comes changes in attitude. For me, Spring means re-awakening. It means realigning with the power and energy within me and finding new creative ways to share that energy with the world as a force of good.

    At Changewear, we hope to do the same. Not only do we offer beautifully versatile and insanely comfortable intimates to replace all the unworn pieces in your closet...we also hope to inspire you to embrace your own unique gifts and share them with the world in a way that feels right to you.

    Each woman is unique in her power, but everyone has something special to share with the world. We hope you are inspired to do so through the resources, ideas, and meaningful stories we plan to share with you this month.

    With clean energy and hopeful dreams,

    -Michelle, Founder & CEO 


    One Stop Shop

    Our Scarlett Bra offers the comfort and cuteness of all your other bras combined! Plus, you can change the color with your mood and style. Visit the collection. 

    Shop Scarlett




    Long-Lasting Favorite

    Our designs stand the test of time. Get acquainted with your new go-to intimate! Try our beloved Samantha t-shirt bra. 

    Shop Samantha





    Breathe in that beautiful spring air! We are here to celebrate the start of another glorious season with you. Stay tuned for more about spring cleaning, organization, and finding your fit. Follow along on our Instagram.

    With open minds and open hearts,

    Michelle & the Changewear Team

    Creating Change Wear(Where) You Are


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    Love You More 😘Resources, Tools & Ideas for Self Love & Care

    Love YOU More! Self Love Resources, Tools & Ideas

    Our Dearest Changewear Tribe,

    We are wrapping up a lovely February and sharing one last message of Self Love and Body Positivity with our precious Changewear family...YOU!

    We hope that this month has inspired you to love yourself, appreciate your body, show up as you are, and express yourself in unique ways.

    We have put together a few of our favorite self-love and self-care resources, tools, and ideas to help you continue this meaningful change in your life:


    Web Resource

    Positively Present is a wonderful resource for all things self-love, awareness, and positivity. Check out this article full of resources to help you deepen your self-love.

    Read It -->  


    Book Resource

    Brené Brown is a research professor turned vulnerability advocate who has touched the hearts of many with her work on courage, vulnerability, and empathy. Her books and resources have inspired millions!

    Learn More -->



    Image Inspiration

    Pinterest is a great resources for finding inspirational images and unique self care and self love ideas. Thanks to Nadine Waycaster for this wonderful collection.

    Self Care Board -->

    The Latest Kate Illustrations -->




    Express Yourself

    There is no better way to care for yourself than to let your true self shine! Changewear allows you to change your intimate wear with your mood and let your creativity soar! Happy creating!

    Visit Changewear-->







    We hope there are some things within these resources that resonate with you and help you continue growing your self love and making progress along this meaningful journey. As always, we are here to support you and meet to where you are. Thank you for a wonderful February together.

    With much love,

    Michelle & the Changewear Team

    Creating Change Wear (Where) You Are

    Where Can We Meet You?

    Body Positivity & the Changewear Mission




    Hello Changewear Change-Makers,

    We hope your Valentine's Day celebrations were full of joy and that you have found many opportunities to love and honor yourself throughout the month.

    February is now in full force, and we want to share more about the body positivity movement and how this message aligns beautifully with our Changewear mission to "meet women where they are."

    Scroll down for more from our founder, Michelle Judson.



    A Message From Michelle:

    Body positivity is something near and dear to me, and to the mission of Changewear. I find this message to be incredibly powerful, not only in how we choose to view ourselves, but also how we show up in this world and treat others.

    Today, I am happy to see so many beautiful body positivity advocates present on social media and beyond. As we continue to grow and improve our brand, my hope is that Changewear will continue to embody this message and become even more present in the body positivity advocacy space. 

    Our mission is to "meet women where they are." This means showing up as your authentic self in everything you do, being proud of who you are, showing yourself love and kindness, and so much more. 

    At Changewear, we choose to embrace ourselves and others as we are...and to honor each other for doing the same. I hope that these photos help you understand how enthusiastic we are about this incredibly important movement. We love you!

    With authenticity and positivity,

    -Michelle, Founder & CEO 


    See Something You Love?

    Shop our Scarlett Collection and find unique ways to express yourself! 

    Shop Scarlett 


    Self-Care At Its Sexiest 

    Show up as you are and shop our Samantha collection. 

    Shop Samantha 


    Thank you for taking the time to share in this journey with us and for showing up as you are. We love and appreciate you.

    With positivity and light,

    Michelle & the Changewear Team

    Creating Change Wear(Where) You Are


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    Celebrating You! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Celebrating You! Happy Valentine's Day.


    Featuring Changewear, Mamancy Chocolate and YOU. 

    I was once married for 19 years. I remember my first anniversary... I carefully selected the perfect card and made reservations for a fantastic dinner. I was so excited to show my love and give my gift.

    Much to my disappointment and dismay, my husband did not return the same thoughtfulness. There was no card, no token of his affection, nothing. In it's place was stumbling excuses for being inexperienced and not knowing what to do. This became common practice over the years with birthdays, special dates and anniversaries.

    Over the second decade he tried a little harder and managed to show up better. I learned to take care of me and advocate for how I needed people to show up in my life and ask how I could do the same. 

    I do not share this to express sadness or touch on pain but to instead focus on what we need. It is so important to learn what you need and want and to be your own advocate. We are all learning in this life story. Learn to care for and create special moments for yourself.  "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line", Lucille Ball advised. Love You.

    -Michelle, Founder and CEO, Changewear


    Mmmm...our Colorfils look like confections! 

     Shop Colorfils »


    -Michelle and the Changewear Team


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