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Changewear is committed to supporting women where they are. We believe that when we are supporting each other no matter the circumstances or story, then there is a movement that is created empowering each other to be our very best version of ourselves. One of the ways we do this is by celebrating our differences, sharing our challenges, acknowledging our wins and shining light on our tenacity and strength.

Changewear is pleased to present a series of inspiring women and the amazing books, businesses and impact they are bringing to our world. We are pleased to bring you these stories of how these women are Creating Change Where They Are.


Meet Amanda: 

We are pleased for you to meet the Founder of VOXAPOD, Amanda Wilson. Amanda is a woman on a mission to support women and girls one menstrual cup at a time. She is the founder and innovator behind VOXAPOD, a redesigned menstrual cup that promises better fit and function. And she doesn't stop there. Amanda and VOXAPOD are on a mission to grow the menstrual equity movement to ensure women around the world have access to period essentials and equal life and educational opportunities.

Changewear: Please tell us about your company Voxapod and your mission and how you came to create this.

Amanda Wilson: VOXAPOD is a modern menstrual cup that has been redesigned to work better and be more comfortable than other cups on the market. It’s innovative design and mission to fight for menstrual equity and create awareness around the destruction of single-use disposables and plastic pollution.


VOXAPOD is a benefit corporation that is part of a growing menstrual equity movement working to ensure all women have access to period essentials that are safe for their bodies and the planet--and not taxed as a ‘luxury’ item.

VOXAPOD uses every purchase to build equity and meet the menstrual health need of girls and women around the world, as well as helping girls in the developing world stay in school after they start their period.


With 100 billion pads and tampons being thrown into our landfills and waterways every year, VOXAPOD is creating awareness and challenging women to rethink the way they use single-use disposables, whether it is a plastic water bottle or a plastic applicator.

I innovated VOXAPOD because I was having trouble with tampons and hated how uncomfortable they were--that they weren’t eco-friendly or healthy for my body. I tried other cups, and thought the concept of a menstrual cup was brilliant, but desired a better fit and function. So, I innovated one with a large test group helping to inform the design and function of the cup.



CW: Change is a big part of our brand and we believe in effecting change where you are and that even the smallest change can bring about huge benefits. What are some changes that you made in your life that had great impacts on you or others around you?


AW: I guess I’ve always tried to live with intention and honesty and to be adaptable. Life has thrown me all kinds of unforeseen circumstances--some I was okay living with, others I had to grieve and begrudgingly accept, and still others that I had to walk into the night alone to find my own internal truths. Walking in the truth can be hard and lonely, but there is something intrinsically empowering about living authentically. This required me to be brave. To face my fears and be honest with myself, even if it meant unbearable pain in the short term. Being brave has lead me to my greatest self, and positioned me to connect and give back to others in the most fundamentally vulnerable ways.



CW: What are some ways that we can help support you? What would you like us to know?


Just be real. I’m weary of all of the facades. I’d like you to know that comparison is a thief, and it will rob you of your joy if you let it. There is only one you. Just one.


CW: What are you most looking forward to in your immediate future?


Hmm… as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to balance dreaming big with appreciating the gifts that come from the mundane management of life. I often look forward to the spontaneous moments with my daughters that reveal beauty and curiosity, or frankly, just make me laugh when I need it most. I told my teenager to keep her nose clean at school the other day. My six-year-old replied with, “Actually, you should probably keep your whole body clean.” Solid advice, I must say. They’ve taught me to live in the moment and appreciate the little things.

I’m also looking forward to hiking The Enchantments, expanding my mixology recipes, and creating more equity and equality for women in the world.


CW: We have met you in person and I really love the thoughtful and impactful changes you are creating. We are excited to follow you along on your path to greatness. We would love to follow you on social media, what are your links? Please tell us where we can find Voxapod? 

You can follow VOXAPOD on social media via @voxapod on all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) and check out our website at



Amanda, Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed and sharing your greatness with our Changewear community. We wish you the very best as you embark on a fantastic life!



Michelle and The Changewear Team


Creating Change Wear (Where) You Are™

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