Creating Change Wear (Where) You Are: Ruthie Crawford

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Changewear is committed to supporting women where they are. We believe that when we are supporting each other no matter the circumstances or story, then there is a movement that is created empowering each other to be our very best version of ourselves. One of the ways we do this is by celebrating our differences, sharing our challenges, acknowledging our wins and shining light on our tenacity and strength.

Changewear is pleased to present a series of inspiring women and the amazing books, businesses and impact they are bringing to our world. We are pleased to bring you these stories of how these women are Creating Change Where They Are.


Meet Ruthie: 

We are pleased for you to meet Ruthie Crawford. Ruthie is the creative visionary and inspiring designer behind Harlow Jewelry and Ruthie & Olive. Ruthie is changing the way businesses think about giving back by centering social justice philanthropy at the core of her mission. With every necklace sold at Ruthie & Olive, 3 meals are donated to someone who needs them. Not to mention the thousands of dollars she donates from her profits to support community initiatives! With hundreds of unique and innovative jewelry designs available through both her stores, there is so much to love about Ruthie and her mission!


Changewear: Please tell us about your company/mission and how you came to create this?  

Ruthie Crawford: My company mission is to make beautiful jewelry that makes people feel good. A big part of my intention is to give back to the community and be part of the solution in areas of social justice.


CW: Change is a big part of our brand and we believe in effecting change where you are and that even the smallest change can bring about huge benefits. What are some changes that you made in your life that had great impacts on you or others around you?

RC: I try and not compare myself to anyone else. There are no rules or ways you have to do things. I function from a place where I create my company how I want it to be - rather than following someone else’s norm.


CW: What are some ways that we can help support you? What would you like us to know?

RC: I’d like you to know that when you support my company you are not just buying jewelry. You are contributing to the larger picture of supporting the community. And I think that’s the way it’s supposed to work.


CW: What are you most looking forward to in your immediate future?

RC: I’m looking forward to seeing what impact we can really have. So far we’ve donated over 22k meals through the foodbank and average 15k/year in social justice and community support. I’m so grateful for this but believe it can be even bigger.



CW: We have met you in person and I really love the thoughtful and impactful changes you are creating. We are excited to follow you along on your path to greatness. We would love to follow you on social media, what are your links? Please tell us where you can find your business.

You can learn more about my work, view my jewelry, and place online orders at both and

Ruthie, Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed and for sharing your greatness with our Changewear community. We wish you the very best as you continue making a lasting impact on your community!




Michelle and The Changewear Team


Creating Change Wear (Where) You Are™

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