Creating Change Wear (Where) You Are: Sara Batterby

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Changewear is committed to supporting women where they are. We believe that when we are supporting each other no matter the circumstances or story, then there is a movement that is created empowering each other to be our very best version of ourselves. One of the ways we do this is by celebrating our differences, sharing our challenges, acknowledging our wins and shining light on our tenacity and strength.

Changewear is pleased to present a series of inspiring women and the amazing books, businesses and impact they are bringing to our world. We are pleased to bring you these stories of how these women are Creating Change Where They Are.


Meet Sara: 

We are pleased for you to meet Sara Batterby. Sara is the founder of The Batterby Group, an innovative business that helps startups in search of capital acquire funding from angel and seed stage investors. Sara is passionate about equal access to capital for female, minority and LGBTQ founders, those who have been traditionally excluded from the game. Her wisdom and strategies have helped countless entrepreneurs realize their dreams of business ownership. We are so grateful to learn from Sara and celebrate her passion and influence in creating change were she is.


Changewear: Please tell us about your company and how you came to create this?

Sara Batterby: The Batterby Group was created to expand  access to capital for founders who have traditionally been excluded from “old-boy” capital networks.  Namely women, people of color and the LGBTQ communities. We teach founders the technical and tactical aspects of raising money. We also coach them through an investor engagement methodology that allows them to connect with investors, engage them in a structured investment process and ultimately convert even casual interest into closed capital without the wasted time, pitch-performance-art and drama usually associated with raising capital.


CW: Change is a big part of our brand and we believe in effecting change where you are and that even the smallest change can bring about huge benefits. What are some changes that you made in your life that had great impacts on you or others around you?

SB: I learned to take responsibility for everything that happens in my life and this gave me a strong ethical foundation and a sense of control.  Then I learned that everything is generally OK but that I sometimes think about things in a way that is not helpful to me. So I learned to slow my mind and take time to reflect and remind myself that my thoughts do not define me and that I am fine!  These things have created space in my mind that invites insight, awareness and a connection with everything around me. I believe that insight and connectedness are tools to change the world.


CW: What are some ways that we can help support you? What would you like us to know?

SB: Just know you can do it… whatever it is.


CW: What are you most looking forward to in your immediate future?

SB: Launching my new website and having an accessible and affordable content platform to support people raising money for their companies.


CW: We have met you in person and I really love the thoughtful and impactful changes you are creating. We are excited to follow you along on your path to greatness. We would love to follow you on social media, what are your links? Please tell us where you can find your company.

SB: You can learn more about my company on my website and follow me at:

@sara_batterby on Twitter and

@sarabatterby on Instagram

Sara, Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed and sharing your greatness with our Changewear community. We wish you the very best as you continue changing lives!




Michelle and The Changewear Team


Creating Change Wear (Where) You Are™


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